Will Blockchain Technology Create Better Hiring Processes?

Will Blockchain Technology create better hiring processes? - Collings NFT

A Forbes article published on April 12th stressed the importance of data in decision-making within the business sector, with leaders leveraging data in the hiring process. Makes a case on the inefficiency of resumes and CVs and the even larger impossibility of following up every detail listed in these documents. 


The leveraging of Blockchain technologies is revealing to be a potent solution. Its advocates believe that it can streamline employment processes, come up with the best hiring decisions, and even provide enrichment of the workforce through the following:


  1. Provide employers access to verified applicant credentials 
  2. Give access to micro credentials that merchandises an applicant's skills and can easily be validated by employers
  3. Verify completion of an applicant's course or certification relevant to the job being applied to
  4. Prepare applicants to upskill and reskill

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