The World of Tomorrow: How the Metaverse will change our relationship with cities

The World of Tomorrow: How the Metaverse will change our relationship with cities - Collings NFT

There are 3 ways that the metaverse will change our relationships with cities: through city attractions, creating social activities, and promoting physical activities.

City attractions

City attractions like cinemas, historical monuments, museums, and restaurants are set to see decrease in clientele.  Several museums are already available virtually.

This transition requires more funds and infrastructure.

Social activities

Social activities are also set to take place online. 

Virtual meetings eliminate limitations in distance and reduce the use of urban transport. These also allow the holding of meetings from anywhere. 

Several companies see that shopping in malls can be recreated in the metaverse. Samsung and Nike already launched virtual retail spaces. Ralph Lauren released a digital collection in Roblox in 2021.

Film Festivals and concerts may also be attended through the metaverse

Physical activities

Physical activities are already happening virtually. Companies like Peloton provide Tour de France and Giro-caliber bike rides. The company's popularity jumped from 1.9 million users in 2019 to 5.9 million users in 2021.

A company named Tempo will be offering in-home workouts with a virtual personal trainer via AI.

Bringing human interaction to virtual spaces causes us to reconsider our urban priorities. Should the need for city spaces diminish, the advantages of urban living will also diminish.

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