Spotting Scam NFT Games

Spotting Scam NFT Games - Collings NFT

Want to get into GameFi? You might want to check out these first:

  • game's development team
  • reviews
  • social media posts
  • project's projected income
  • project's income streams

Look Into The Game's Development Team

Determine if the project's development team have accumulated experience. If the project is formed by an anonymous team, you might want to stay away from it.

Search For Reviews

It would be wise to read reviews on independent professional platforms about the game, should there be any. But beware, some scammers shill projects by writing false positive reviews about the project's team on third-party sites.

Look For Social Media Posts

You might want to check out the project's social media accounts and see how much engagement they are actually getting. 

Review the Project's Projected Income

Before investing in a game, you should understand where it will get its income. 

Check If The Project Relies Only On Network Marketing

If it does not have any income streams and is solely reliant on Network Marketing, then the game is likely a scam.  


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