How To Be Successful With NFTs

How To Be Successful With NFTs - Collings Real Estate

In this article, we offer 3 simple steps on how to be successful with NFTs: establish your community, include creators in the economy, and establish a culture.

Establish Your Community:

Having a community is crucial to NFT projects. Community members of the most successful ones adapt their online identity to match the motifs of the community.

Include Creators In the Economy:

The best NFT projects do not leave artists and content creators behind. For example, when a buyer wants to resell an art piece or a product, the creator gets a percentage of the sale.

Establish a Culture:

NFT communities form their culture when members unite in language, tone, and product. This means they share a unique view on their interests and the world it exists in. 

The 3C's of NFT marketing

Community, creators, and culture. No need to focus on all 3 simultaneously. Some of the best projects focused on only one, or two of these elements in a given time.

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