6 Powerful Strategies of Building an Engaged Community for your Project

6 Powerful Strategies of Building an Engaged Society for your Project

One of the most powerful and most effective marketing strategies for content is building a community around your brand. While it is easy to grow your community, keeping them engaged as a collective can be quite the challenge.

When you have a community, they will go through the journey of your brand with you. From its humble beginnings, its continuous growth and improvement, and to its eventual success, the community will be there for you every step of the way.

There are simple but powerful strategies as to how to build an engaged society for your project. Here are five of them.

  • Define your audience
  • Set a vision
  • Choose your channels
  • Get people excited
  • Be trustworthy

Define your audience.

Each type of audience requires different types of approach. A good example is an NFT community that is focused on a digital football card collection. On top of NFT enthusiasts, you also have to encourage football fans to check out and eventually purchase your NFT collection. Note that NFT enthusiasts buy cards for their monetary value and potential to increase in price in the coming days. Football fans will buy it to collect cards of their sports idols. 

The same goes for your other NFT collections. Depending on what kind it is, you will always have at least two sets of audience; NFT enthusiasts and the fans of the content you’re putting out. This way, you can design the community based on the requirements of each audience set.

Set a vision.

This means that you have to have a long-term goal for your community. It’s not just about every collection you release, it’s about building a community that will also support you as a brand. Remember that communities are the most effective marketing tools that you can have so to somewhat future-proof your brand, make sure you consistently evolve the community.

Choose your channels.

Different channels have different types of people in them. Choose which ones you want to grow your community in. You can do it on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, or Twitter.

Discord is so far the most popular platform for NFT communities. Discord has evolved from being a dedicated gaming platform to also incorporate NFT communities so if you’re a first timer, this can be a good place to start. Twitter is nice if you prefer NFT communities to have discussions at length.

Get people excited.

Give them something to look forward to. Releasing an NFT collection? You want to incentivize their participation? Hold raffles and giveaways. You want to research what kinds of NFTs they are interested to see from you in the coming months? Hold polls that they can respond to. Communities thrive through interaction.

Be trustworthy.

NFTs took the world by storm and have gained so much popularity in recent years. So many people and brands have released their own collections in an attempt to make a name for themselves in the new and evolving NFT industry. But just like any investments, there are many unscrupulous brands who take advantage of the interests of the people.

Make sure that you are transparent about the transactions you do and you follow through on your promises. If you want to involve the community in future collections, compensate accordingly. If you tell them of events or giveaways, make sure to have precise mechanics in place and complete details of what you will require for them to be able to join or participate.

Building a community heavily relies on authentic and consistent engagement so make sure that, as much as they support the content you put out, you return their efforts by having consistent interactions.

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